School of Workshop helps artists,

creators and facilitators to refresh

and renew their workshop practice


‘Workshop works and is authoritative because when alive it becomes a microcosm of the creative universe; in other words a mystery in which the individual and the all-inclusive meld in one unfolding self-expressive experience – for one and all a fulfilment in progress.’
– John Moat, poet, painter, co-founder of The Arvon Foundation

School of Workshop is based on the suspicion that Workshop is a distinctive form of creative and participatory practice. This suspicion is supported by over 15 years of collaborative action research. School of Workshop has as its home at Seale Hayne in Devon, UK.

Every workshop is unique. It tells a story built by those people, then and there. Those who create workshops are involved in three phases – devising, delivering and evaluating. Those who participate are involved in the beginning, the middle and end of the workshop. The facilitator’s and participant’s narrative ‘arc’ combine to release the story of each workshop. In a good workshop nothing is wasted.

In workshops we simultaneously discover ourselves and uncover new knowledge. This is relevant to all learning. The best way to develop practice is through practice.

School of Workshop is a creative movement without a prescribed curriculum.

‘Workshop is making something that has existed before, whether it is bringing together existing elements in new ways or whether it is something completely original. It is absolutely not being in the same place as you were when you walked in the room.’– Bronwen Gwillim The Workshop Interviews.



We are running a small summer school. This will be an international course about the use of story and puppetry – specifically in educational settings. We will share puppet making techniques, staging, use of music, puppetry techniques and ideas about dramaturgy and scripting. It will be joyful and edifying and it will be in Totnes, Devon, UK. There are places for up to 18 adults.  
August 13th -16th 2018. 

Seale Hayne,
Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6NQ
Tel: 0044 (0) 7950998911