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Workshop’s history is unwritten. It has succeeded in in eluding institutionalisation. There is not “A Workshop Theory”. Workshops are something you “just do”. There is no body of literature and no professional body to standardise practice. This has the advantage of allowing great license to play, invent, improvise and to responsive to the moment. But, conversely, it allows events to be dry,fixed and didactic or simply disorganised, and still claim the title “workshop”. The proliferation of workshop from health to wealth, puppets to sex, martial arts to archaeology, has been organic – one thing has just led to another…

So what is Workshop exactly? By telling the story of A MOVEABLE FEAST, a workshop about Workshop for artists, developed over a five-year period by a dogged practitioner, this book provides a vivid description and analysis of Workshop’s distinctive features. Using a combination of narrative, explanation and rumination, Tony Gee investigates the premise that Workshop is a distinctive creative form with its own politic, poetic and aesthetic.

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