collaborators and associates

Ken Beagley has been co director of Armchair Puppet Theatre since 1988 when his family went on a tour of England and Wales with their puppet show of “Burglar Bill” by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. Since then he has built all their theatre sets, devised countless shadow puppet workshops and constructed various large animated carnival characters. Ken has collaborated with Tony Gee on numerous Puppet Creation Myths, both setting and breaking a world record for the biggest puppet show, and was an integral member of the Moveable Feast team that devised a wide range of artist training and community based workshops. Ken also worked on Welfare State International’s “Lord Dynamite” show. Ken has a Ist Class  Degree in Sculpture , in which he collaborated on Mazes and Labyrinths with John Barnatt a Fine Art Painter. Over the last forty years he will use any excuse to walk, mow, make, dance or thread a labyrinth. Ken developed “Art Arena Games” with Don Pavey and a street theatre group with a mobile Pramaphone. As a beekeeper and campaigner, Ken has helped delay the introduction of GM crops in Great Britain.

Kate Green has worked as a community artist since 1989. She specialises in engaging communities and enabling them to work with photography and digital media to explore issues around identity and the places where they live and to make artworks that communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Kate facilitates workshops children in care, those in the criminal justice system, sex workers, disabled groups and currently people with dementia . Her work focuses on inspiring people to look at their life experiences with new eyes by deploying a range of media to capture what they find in their exploration and to then create multi-layered artwork that shares their findings with others. In recent years she has broadened her tools to include video, animation and sound. 

Warren Linds is an Associate Professor teaching group facilitation and leadership in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec since August, 2004. Before beginning graduate studies at the University of British Columbia in 1996, he spent 17 years working in international development education. Dr Linds has also worked for 6 years in community television, radio and newspapers in Vancouver and Newfoundland. He has had extensive experience in popular theatre and community development. Dr Linds has has co-edited two books, Unfolding bodymind: Exploring possibility through education (Holistic Education Press) and Emancipatory practices: Adult/youth engagement for social and environmental justice. (Sense Publishers).

Nick  Bilborough has taught in three continents in a wide range of interesting and challenging contexts and now teaches part-time at the University of Exeter. He has worked on training courses for English teachers and teachers of other languages in many parts of the world. He holds an MA in Educational Drama and has done extensive research into the role of drama and storytelling techniques in second language learning. He is the author of 2 resource books in the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series: Dialogue Activities (2007) and Memory Activities for Language Learning (2011).

Kevin Mount is an editor and publications designer with a long association with the UK educational charity, The Dartington Hall Trust. For ten years up to 2006 he was art editor of the Routledge journal Performance Research. He designed, compiled and prepared for press Tony Gee’s previous illustrated book (example attached) and continues to work as a freelance book designer in the US as well as the UK – most recently designing and composing two typographically demanding collections by the poets Caroline Bergvall and Kathleen Fraser for the New York press, Nightboat Books.