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What do I know? Part Two

| January 7, 2013

A few years ago I was fortunate to be invited to a skill swap group for participatory artists. I learnt an exercise in which a group splits in half and holds out their index fingers so that a long bamboo can be rested between the two lines they have formed.  With the bamboo ibalanced between […]

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| November 8, 2012

The doctor asked him what he was afraid of Just what was he running from? He said, “It’s not a fear of success nor of closeness But of going through life feeling numb.”   I love the unknown Because I love the unknown He says he loves the unknown Clem Snide   A year of […]

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Hello world!

| May 30, 2012

Courses and resources that explore workshop practice and beyond   School of Workshop is for artists, creators and facilitators to refresh, renew and re-invent their practice.   There are courses and laboratories for both emerging and experienced practitioners. There are three masks: The one we think we are, The one we really are, And the […]

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