The Guests of Chance

| September 19, 2012

The Guests of Chance: exploring the arc of the facilitator      

25 – 27 April 2013 at Seale Hayne                             

The aims of this course is for you to leave enriched with:

  • new ideas about workshop as a distinctive form of practice
  • tools that you can use to devise, deliver and evaluate your workshop
  • applicable ideas about methodologies
  • new contacts and support systems that you can tap into.

Workshop is a distinctive form of creative practice with story at its heart – an imaginative environment in which a transient community enables the emergence of something that has never existed before. Therefore every Workshop tells its own story.

The fundamental story we are will be exploring over this three days is the one that arises from confluence between creative process and group process. How, within a workshop  environment and by making art, a community can creates a group mind  so that it becomes a narrative community that can connect with, provide nourishment and support to each other – whilst expanding individual skills and knowledge.

The question that will look at is – how does the workshop leader guide and facilitate the story that emerges as a group is creative?

We will do this by looking at your workshop tales through the lenses of different creative media and making individual and collective expressions of those stories so that you create a lasting memory and something beautiful that crystallizes your discoveries over the course.

Course  Ingredients:

What you will get:

  • good food
  • work as a single group, as part of smaller collaborations and time to yourself
  • opportunities to play and reflect
  • freedom to make and move and to sit and talk
  • good materials and resources
  • access to wi-fi
  • comfort and challenge
  • applied storytelling
  • image theatre
  • photography and digital arts as a communicative and evaluatory tool

The flow

will take participants through four key Workshop dynamics:

  • Presence: bringing people into the space of work
  • Transformation: taking what is there and changing it into something new
  • Creation: shaping the new thing
  • Application: exploring what to do with the new thing by taking what we have explored on the first days to make something on the final day and then imagining how it might be applied in participants` contexts and work. This will include taking care of ourselves in recovering from each workshop we lead and participate in.

Who should attend

Artists of all kinds who are interested in applying their art/creativity to social situations or in education

Facilitators, community development workers, anyone interested in planned workshop interventions with communities, groups and organizations

The Tutors

Tony Gee is  artistic director of  School of Workshop,  Moveable Feast Workshop Co. and Far&Wide Puppets. He has worked in the arts for over 25 years touring shows and workshops nationally and internationally. He is based at Seale Hayne in Devon, UK. He specialises in workshop development and has written two books on the subject including Workshop – A Moveable Feast. He is known for work with young people and has lectured at several universities in the South West England. Recently, he ran a project for artists at The Royal College of Arts. He is also a world record holder for creating The Biggest Puppet Show on Earth!! (with 462 children).

Kate Green has worked as a community artist since 1989. She specialises in engaging communities and enabling them to work with photography and digital media to explore issues around identity and the places where they live and to make artworks that communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Kate facilitates workshops children in care, those in the criminal justice system, sex workers, disabled groups and currently people with dementia . Her work focuses on inspiring people to look at their life experiences with new eyes by deploying a range of media to capture what they find in their exploration and to then create multi-layered artwork that shares their findings with others. In recent years she has broadened her tools to include video, animation and sound.

Cost: £350 (Bookings before April 1st – £320)

This includes two evening meals in The Seale Hayne Bistro, all lunches and refreshments, two nights Bed and Breakfast plus all materials and course resources.

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To secure your booking a deposit of £80 per person is required.
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