The origin of my suspicions

| September 21, 2012
  • Every workshop tells its own story
  • What lingers in the soul often bypasses the eye
  • Art is the inside of the world
  • The importance of workshops is the weight of a dream

My practice as a workshop artist is based on several suspicions. Although, I often talk about these suspicions, I have never committed them to writing before.  Before I make that first commitment I will briefly explain why I am writing this blog.

My grandfather told me that he could remember when Big Ben was a wrist watch. My beginnings are shrouded by the passing of too many moons to measure. I could talk about The Garden or Arts Access or South London experiences, many origins and they all matter but this part of the adventure began in earnest with the arrival of an invitation. The invitation arrived as a question. And the question was beautifully parcelled by 120 children telling their version of a West African myth of origin.  In four days I guided and witnessed the blooming of something so marvellous that I was left with a question that arrived like this – first, as I  pondered the process, “what wasthat?” Then,” a workshop”. Finally, yes…but  “What is a Workshop?”

Socrates is reputed to have said that the object of philosophic enquiry is to find a good question. It seems that a good question had found me. This blog is about the adventures that ensued from that question, the adventures that led there and the ones that may still happen. It is not about how to run a workshop but about what is a workshop. It seems to me that if you don’t know what you are doing then how can you know how to do it. 

And so, as the story goes, a new pathway in my adventures in imaginative creation opened up in front of me and I followed it. Never knowing what was next.

So here  are some of the suspicions that have arisen from looking at the workshop clues. They may well be attended by workshop tales. … please add your own to the Workshop Tales uner the participate tabs

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